Day 1 of 30 Day MomsWearHeels Body Transformation

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Hey guys!



Something happened to me today. I felt inspired like never before to get my best body (back). For the past several days, I’ve been bed ridden and only moved when I either a)had to work b)had to take care of baby Eliel or c)had to work on school stuff.


Now, let me preface this blog post by saying that I don’t think we need to ever be “on it” 100% of the time concerning our fitness. I mean, life is short–and I like my wine and fried foods just like any other human being.


My body 3 months ago. My goal is to get my abs back!!

My body 3 months ago. My goal is to get my abs back!!




But I am ready to come out of “dormant” status and get my sexy back. Now, I can already hear some of my beautiful subbies, “But, Monica, you never “lost” sexy, you look the same!” But I assure you, my body begs to differ. While I tend to stay away from scales, I’ve gained 10 pounds and lost some of my beloved muscle. But more importantly, I don’t feel as well as I do when I am at my best physically.




Goal is to get lean again.



There are pros to taking a break from any fitness routine though–mainly that you shock your body. Also, you don’t want to get used to any fitness regimen, or you’ll cease seeing effective results.


So, I join you to start the Moms Wear Heels 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge!  I will be mixing up my workouts a lot since my schedule varies, so it is important that you choose a regimen that works for you–i.e. home workouts, gym workouts, or workout videos.


Making a plan isn’t the hard work, though, oh no. As all of us are well aware, it is staying committed to the plans we make concerning our health and fitness. I mean, with the help of google, we could all have six packs and glutes of steel. In other words, information is not the issue, but rather, staying motivated!


This is a community-based effort, so please make sure to subscribe above (on the top right) and share my blog with other mommies who want to snatch their sexy back!


So–for day one–I decided to do a workout at home. I want to kick this 30 Day Challenge off with the workout basics to make sure we’re all on the same page.


The fundamental moves of fitness are:


1) Basic Squat

Keep knees behind toes and squeeeeze glutes when you come up.




2) Push Up

Hold abs in tight, go down keeping your butt down–pretend glass of water is on your back to perfect form!



3) Sit up

Lay on back and keeping chip pointing up, squeeze abs and rise up. Breathe out when coming up.

abs with eliel



4) Cardio (Like jogging or walking)

Anything that gets your heart rate up is considered cardio. Put on an audio book and go for a walk and watch the time fly by!




I call these the fundamentals because you can do them anywhere, and these moves will test if you are truly in shape or strong.  Master these and you can get a workout in regardless of where you are or how much time you have ;)


OK–So here are my official ‘before pictures’–I am 147, and am looking to lose the water weight, and get my abs back. I love the defined, super toned look, so I overall want to get more strong and lean.






Today, I did a home workout–3 sets of these reps:

  • 20 Push ups
  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Sit ups


Today’s goal was to keep it simple and sweat. Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. And for moms who wear heels? Well, we have to stay flexible! Don’t be too rigid with your workout plans.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comments below!  I’d love to feature your before and after once the 30 days is complete. Send me your progress pics as we get stronger. We got this!


Remember: You can accomplish anything you truly desire to. How bad do you want to feel your best?


Can’t wait to see our results,


Monica Bencomo








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What I Know For Sure at 28 Years Old

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Wait–is it November 18th? Whaaat? Happy Birthday to me!!


Yup, I am officially 28. In my fourth seventh year of life. (That’s not confusing, right?)


Well, what’s really interesting is that scientists and new age thought leaders around the world are all sort of in a general consensus that the cells in the body completely regenerate every 7 years which symbolically means we go through a transformative rebirthing process each 7 years of life.


Cool huh?


Quite frankly, this birthday does feel different. It feels like things are never going to be the same…like old, unwanted parts of myself are dying off (rebirth) and new virtues and ideas are being born spiritually and physically.


In real life, I’m sort of a closet-spiritual enthusiast. Motherhood and fitness are essential parts of my life that I truly adore, but if you really want to see my glow–let’s talk life. Love. Transformation. Spiritual Laws of the Universe.


So in honor of my 28th year of life, I want to share what is inspired from Oprah’s book: What I Know For Sure.  Of course, I am still relatively young, have more to learn and experience, but this does not take away from the wisdom I’ve gained in my life thus far.


Ok ready?  Here we go.


Things I know for sure at age 28:


1) Energy doesn’t lie. Trust your intuition regarding people, situations, and events.


2) Relationships come and go. Practicing non-attachment is a sure-fire way to be happy and less controlling.


3) Knowing your values is an oh-so-important to-do. Mine are: authenticity, love, motherhood, and spirituality.


4)  Your thoughts create your reality. Focus on good and gratitude and the Universe will shower you with more of that.


5) Knowledge really is power–cliché, but valid.


6) When you’re inspired, you’re never tired.


7) Knowing and accepting yourself will give you genuine self confidence.


8) I’d rather make a dozen mistakes than die with one regret.


9) Vain conversation is the fastest way to get me out of the room.


10) Worrying is a waste of precious energy. 10 years from now you won’t know what you were thinking anyway.


11) Everyone has a divine destiny, but it is up to us to claim it.


12) The Universe offers signs all the time. Be awake. Pay attention.


13) If you can marry your logic and your heart, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with ;)


14) Forgive fast.


15) Your life is your legacy to the world–make it inspiring!


16) Always tell the truth. Try to do so with love, compassion, and empathy.


17) We choose our parents.


18) Life is short, and I intend on living it to the fullest!!


18 things I know for sure, at least that work for me personally. Did you have one that really stood out to you? Do you have something you know for sure that you’d like to share? I’d love to read in the comments below!


Cheers to another amazing year of being in this benevolent, magical Universe!




Monica Bencomo


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Tips for Great Holiday Family Photos

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If you’re anything like me, you love to cherish all the memories and milestones with you and your little ones. What better way to do that than with family photos?

In this segment of Parenting 411, I give away my top tips on how you can make family photos sessions more fun and less stressful for the Holidays!

Are you planning on having a family photoshoot this Christmas? Let me know what you all are planning in the comments below!

Monica Bencomo

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Date Night For Parents–A MUST

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Happy Monday!


If you are anything like my husband, Elvis, and I, finding time for a date night and reconnection may not be as easy as it sounds.


Since we are both driven entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to make ourselves carve out the time just for us because we don’t want to feel guilty! I mean, we already seem so busy that we don’t like to consciously take out any “unnecessary” time from our son, Eliel!


But, I warn you, every goddess needs to nurture her divine presence–this means that getting a babysitter and reconnecting with your loved one (or yourself) is completely necessary!


I believe we are the models in which our kids see everything first–and this includes how we love ourselves and others.


So next time you feel guilty for putting on your heels, red lipstick, and getting glammed up for a night on the town, remind yourself that taking time to nurture your inner diva and model is a must. Becoming a mother does not equate to wearing baggy jeans and loafers 24/7. After all, moms wear heels too!


When’s the last time you got glammed up for a date night? Let me know in the comments!


Monica Bencomo

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Plan the Best Bday Ever!

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Hey guys!


Happy Monday!  As I’m gearing up to celebrate Eliel’s 2nd birthday party this November 12, I wanted to think of creative ways to make him feel uber special without breaking the bank and stressing Elvis and I out.


So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars of a lavish party in which I’d have to clean up after (no thanks!), I came up with some creative ways to bring in your children’s birthday without going broke.


Check out the newest episode of Parenting 411 and let me know if you have any creative ideas to celebrate down below in the comments!



Styled by: Kouture Konsignment. Visit her website here!

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Last Minute Halloween Crafty Cupcakes

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Happy Halloween!




I don’t know about you, but I love a good excuse to bake some cupcakes!






This Halloween, why not try some simply cupcakes decorated festively for the kiddos?







Watch my segment of Parenting 411 below and see how easy it is to make some crafty cupcakes for this Halloween!

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Baby Products Mom and Baby Will Love!

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Hey guys!

Below is a video of my appearance on KOB’s Good Day New Mexico. If you’re interested in any of the products listed in the video, they are listed below. :)



For more information on:
Teething Ring

Swimsuit & Hat

Baby Aviators

Diaper Bag

Car Seat

First Bike

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Halloween Safety

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Happy Monday!


As we’re gearing up for Halloween this Friday, I wanted to give you all my top tips on safety and fun this holiday!




Do you have any plans for Halloween? If so, let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!



Today’s wardrobe from Kouture Konsignment.

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My Trip to Kouture Konsignment

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Hey guys!


As you may know, I have a segment every Monday of 2 Kasa Fox, 2 Kasa Style called Parenting 411. I will also be co-hosting the Morning Brew the first week in November, and thought it was a good time to spruce up the old wardrobe!


I thought it’d be a good idea to partner up with a local resale clothing boutique here in town called Kouture Konsignment to find some flattering looks I can wear on camera!


As promised, owner Julia found some flattering looks for me–check out the video blog below and see what we found!





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Vlog: Best Tip for Weight Loss/Healthy Living!

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Hey guys,


Here is a tip you can do TODAY! No membership needed, and it’s free!  Check out my vlog and see what my #1 health tip is!



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