Gender Reveal Bencomo Baby #2! It’s A…!

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Hey guys!






Today I am 16 weeks and 3 days and guess what??  We found out if I’m pregnant with a boy or girl! I’m am so excited to share with you all this exciting news… Below is a short video that reveals the sex of Bencomo Baby #2–please check it out BEFORE reading more!  :)








So now you know…




It’s a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We gave our ultrasound tech two pieces of clothing–one pink and one blue. After our appointment, Elvis, Eliel and I opened the bag to see the pink shirt come out, and I cried like a baby!!! (Tears of joy of course).






My intuition knew it was a girl, but my logic begged me to think otherwise. I was craving salty, savory foods and most of the old wives tales pointed to boy. Plus I took the Intelligender at home test which said I was having a boy. BUT the Chinese gender predictor was right.  Baby number 2 is a girl!



unnamed (1)


We are overjoyed and are including Eliel in as much as possible. I can’t believe lil man is going to have a little sister!

Well, I’d love to hear your comments below–did you guess right?


Monica Bencomo


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Top 8 Tips to Have a Healthier, Happier Day

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I am coming at you today almost 16 weeks pregnant today. This pregnancy has been great so far–and a roller coaster emotionally and physically.




For one thing, I am completely ecstatic about welcoming another baby to our family of 3. Yet some days I wonder if I can manage the responsibilities that being a (GOOD) parent really demands.


You see, I don’t just want to go through life and not stop to really enjoy the beautiful, ordinary moments of motherhood. I love being a stay at home mommy, but have to manage that role with full time classes and running  businesses.


15 weeks



I see two types of moms very often: the one that is a stay at home mom yet yearns for professional acknowledgement and another who seemingly has both yet is stretched beyond her limits more days than not.



The basis of my book 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom is that if moms want to produce happy, healthy kids, we need to exemplify those qualities authentically. You must figure out what makes you tick. In other words: what truly makes your heart sing? Do you feel as though something is missing? And, how can you achieve some standard of balance in your life?



I believe that optimum health and wellness means one is emotionally AND physically FED. We cannot give to our children if we are starved for connection, appreciation, and fulfillment.

So the following list speaks to addressing both spiritual and physical needs. This is how I find some ounce of balance in my life–I hope it helps a woman out there!



Top 8 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Day!

  1. Wake up early enough to reflect. As soon as I open my eyes, the dreaded “to do” list starts to creep up in my psyche. I’ve trained myself to thank God for another day, reflect on the day I want to have, and listen to guidance I may receive.

  2. Drink a BIG glass of water with lemon upon waking. Doing this aids in digestion, offers an immunity boost, and naturally promotes clearer skin.

    Fist thing I drink every morning. Lemon helps with alkaline levels.

    Fist thing I drink every morning. Lemon helps with alkaline levels.

  3. Prioritize–don’t overschedule. Don’t try to do it all today. Do enough to be proud of yourself, but there will always be time tomorrow to handle that 7th thing on your list! I try to live by the “do the worst first” mantra. Get that ish out of the way!

  4. Have something green before lunch. Green smoothies, salads, green juice–grab something and discipline yourself to eat (or drink) it daily. Your skin, digestion, and energy levels will thank you. :)  PhotoGrid_1427649146435

  5. Spread positive vibes everywhere you go. There are so many angry, cynical people out there. Be the light that shines in a dark world! This means good karma and an even better mood for you.

  6. Feed your spirit before the day is over. For me this means listening to someone I admire–Oprah, TD Jakes, etc. Or reading a great book. Find out what sets your heart on fire and DO THAT!

  7. Try to get outside and get moving. The vitamin D the sun releases is scientifically proven to elevate your mood. Go for a walk, take your kids to the park–be THAT mom who is active with her kids! ;)  11098446_1590900854458339_37669351_n

  8. Reflect and plan before bed. What went great during your day? What could you learn a lesson from? What do you need to accomplish the next day? Write it down. Clear your head. Empty your thoughts. Trust me, you’ll sleep MUCH better.


Here is my list of top tips for optimum health–pregnant or not!

Tell me, how do you unwind after a long day? How do you find balance while being a mother? I’d love to hear in the comments below.




Monica Bencomo

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Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress

My Top Tips and Picks for Maternity Fashion

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Hey guys!


Welcome to my 13th week of pregnancy. Great news, I am officially showing! (No hiding this belly!)



Dress and Blazer available

More good news–my burgeoning belly has given me a great excuse to…go shopping! But,  being wrapped up in school, my blog, my restaurant and more, I decided to save some much needed time and energy and shop from home. That’s right, online baby.

I found a really cool website for maternity clothes called As it turns out, they’re gearing up to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, so there’s some really great deals going on now if you need some maternity, postpartum, or goodies for the baby (including free shipping!)


 Watch the latest episode of Parenting 411!


If you checked out the video, you know my top tip is keeping maternity shopping affordable by buying versatile pieces. Opt for high quality pieces you can wear before, during, and postpartum to save some coins!


Next, I recommend buying simple: if you’re going to be pregnant in the summer months like me, strive for a closet of cute and comfortable dresses. So easy–you slip ‘em on; you’re out the door.


Lastly, as I said, buying online has saved me some much needed energy. Check out some of the looks I recently ordered from Figure 8 Maternity and receive 10% off my using the coupon code momswearheels10!


Alex Maternity Blazer Boatneck Nursing Top charlette dress Front zip dress Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress maternity pants nursing tunicnecklasce



If you have any maternity or postpartum fashion tips, do leave them for me in the comments! I’d love to hear them.




Monica Bencomo

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Eliel big brother

Big Announcement!

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Life is a constant series of changes; how we respond to them determines our happiness…




I, for one, am very happy to let you know that I am currently experiencing a major life change. In an effort to make this guessing game a bit more fun as to what this change is, I’m going to offer you a few hints! Here we go:



  1. My workouts have become less intense

  2. I want to sleep all day

  3. A good cheeseburger and strawberry shake literally makes me the happiest girl in the world

  4. I smell what my husband had for lunch as soon as he walks in the door from work

  5. TV commercials make me cry

  6. I pee almost as much as I breathe





Ok. You’ve guessed it right??

I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!!




Eliel big brother



Yes, I my hubby and I are expecting and the baby boy or girl is due September 2015. I’m proud to say I’ve kept it just between us (and our son:) the entire first 3 months! (Huge accomplishment for someone like me). :)



PhotoGrid_1426131214830 PhotoGrid_1426131177502


How’d I hide it for 3 whole months, you ask? Baggy shirts. Very baggy shirts.

Interestingly enough, keeping this news from my Instagram community was very hard! I feel like my followers know a lot about me and my life, and my normal workout videos and fitness selfies had not been posted in 2 whole months…



Eliel was kissing my belly before I knew I was pregnant :)
I was 4 weeks here!

The reason for this is simple: I didn’t want anyone to guess I was expecting! I started showing really early–like around 7 weeks. This, I believe, is due to the fact I was very lean when I conceived, and women show earlier after they’ve already had kids.




It is a huge relief to share this with you all. If you’re wondering how my pregnancy will affect my blog and social media, this is what’s going to happen!


PhotoGrid_1426131323527 PhotoGrid_1426131250197




  • I will be posting prenatal fitness workouts on here, Youtube, and Instagram regularly

  • I will be sharing healthy meal ideas for everyone (including pregnant women)

  • You will get to see firsthand how I lost the baby weight the first time (Round 2!!)

  • I will be making weekly pregnancy vlogs tracking belly growth, cravings, symptoms, etc.

The good news is that even if you are not expecting, my workouts and meal ideas will still be something you can try! I only would suggest taking it up a notch by adding heavier weights if you are comfortable doing so.



My husband and I are very excited that Eliel (our son) will be a big brother. I’ve always wanted 2 kids close in age, and since Eliel is doing very well in potty training, I feel this spacing will be good!


Well, that’s my announcement, guys. I thank you in advance for your warm wishes, blessings, and hugs. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you!


Monica Bencomo

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Simple, Fun St. Patty’s Day Cupcakes!

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Happy Monday!



Shamrock Cupcakes


To be honest, I tend to use any upcoming Holidays as an excuse to bake something. It’d make sense then, that I’d use St. Patrick’s Day as a reason to make some fun, festive, cupcakes! If you want to try to make them your own, the ingredients needed are down below:



Over the Rainbow Cupcake


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White cake batter

  • Green Food coloring

  • Green icing (or color of your choice)

  • Cupcake liners

  • Gallon sized ziplock

  • Airhead Extremes (rainbow)

  • Mints (Mentos or Altoids)

  • Black icing (to color eyes and smile:)





Now, if you want to make the shamrock shape, keep the aluminum foil on, and create 3 indentations to form a clover-shape. Or, you can use the marble method:



Found on



My little leprechaun helping mama out ;)






  Here’s today’s #parenting411 segment if you missed!




Do you plan on doing anything festive for St Patty’s Day this March 17? If so, let me know below in the comments what you plan on doing!


Monica Bencomo

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Eliel’s First Trip to the Little Gym

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As a parent, I love to try new things with my son–especially things that have to do with being active!




For this segment of Parenting 411, I headed over to the Little Gym of Albuquerque to try one of their classes with my son. We tried their Sporty Beasts class, mainly since that was one of the classes for Eliel’s age group.



Overall, we had a blast. Since it was Eliel’s first class at the Little gym, he was skeptical at first. But after 10 minutes of meeting the other kiddos, singing, clapping, and so on, he felt right at home.


All the activities offered for Eliel’s age group was exactly what we were working on at home–throwing and catching balls, following direction, and so on. The Little Gym focuses on positive reinforcement and offers kids ages 4 months to 12 years a variety of programs to increase endurance, focus, and skill.




Let me know if you plan to try one of the classes at the Little Gym. I might run into you if you have a toddler too!


Monica Bencomo

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Handling Separation Anxiety

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When my son was a baby, he did not want me out of sight for more than an hour or two. But now that he is a little independent toddler, he takes pride in venturing off and doing his own thing. Now that he’s 2 1/2, mama is experiencing more separation anxiety than he is.

Thankfully, I have an adorable son who has a support system of trusted family members who like to look after him from time to time. To get over my bout of separation anxiety, I reminded myself that in order for my son to have secure attachment to his father and I, spending time with others is a good thing for him, as it helps him feel more safe and loved in the world.

Check out the latest segment of Parenting 411 and tell me–how do you handle separation anxiety from either your child or yourself?


Monica Bencomo

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Parenting 411: No More Mommy Wars!

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Have you guys seen the commercial by Similac that brings awareness to the mommy wars? (If not, fret not–it’s included in the Parenting 411 video above:)

I think this video has grown in popularity because it illustrates how absurd being a judgmental mommy or daddy really is–and does it in a funny, unique way.

I honestly think I am more judgmental on myself and my own parenting style than anybody else. I am so busy keeping up with my crazy toddler (whom I adore!) that I don’t have much time to sit around comparing myself to other mommies.

How do you think you are when it comes to judging other parents for their lifestyles? Do you put yourself on a pedestal
for solely breastfeeding, look down on moms for choosing to stay at home (or return to work)?

I think this commercial serves as a great reminder that the most important factor when it comes to parenting is the safety and well-being of the child. Not ego based decisions we choose to–or not–to do!

If you were judged on something you did as a parent, let me know in the comments below–how’d you handle it?


Monica Bencomo

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Valentine’s Day Treats

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Happy Monday!


As every Monday, I’m bringing you today’s Parenting 411 segment from 2 Kasa Style.


I wanted to offer parents a festive Valentine’s Day activity that is kid-friendly, and well, why not make some yummy, sprinkly cupcakes?


What makes this recipe unique is that when you bite in the cupcake, you’ll find a red heart shape in the center!  Let me know in the comments below; how do you plan on treating your family for Valentine’s Day?




Monica Bencomo

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Happy Monday!


For this segment of Parenting 411, we discussed simple, yet impactful ways we as parents feel we can be even more effective with our kids. Check it out and tell me in the comments below–what are some habits you’re passing along to your kids that you deem effective? I’d love to know!


Monica Bencomo

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