My Husband’s Weight Loss Transformation + Partner Workouts!


We answered another IG question on the Morning Brew! Keep questions coming and YOURS may be chosen next!


Monica B

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Monica on Morning Brew: Get Inspired!

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5 Ways to Crush Your Fitness Goals

In this video, I share my top 5 secrets for you to finally crush your fitness goals…once and for all!






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Response to Negative IG Comments + My Transformation Story


Normally, I’d never shed light on negativity on my social media, mainly since I have so many more positive, awesome followers than negative nancies.

But, more importantly, I think it is right to stand up for what you believe in.

I recently uploaded a before and after photo of me on my Instagram which attracted lots of attention–both good and not-so-good.

Some comments you’ll find strewn on my IG are mixed in nature–as with many IG fitness personalities. Here’s some examples:


“You need to eat a sandwich.”

“Black women shouldn’t be that skinny.”

“You lost weight but you also lost your boobs.”


Quite frankly, these comments make me laugh at their ridiculous-ness. I address why in the video above and also share my fitness journey to date.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on cyber bullying? Do you think it’s okay to tell someone their too skinny?



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Happy Mother’s Day! {Video}

Happy Mother’s Day Beautiful Mamas!!!!!



In this video, I share how motherhood has changed me (for the better) and how it has transformed my journey. Becoming a mother is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me! My kids truly inspire me to become my best version, so that I can lead them by example.

Enjoy your day, and remember–celebrate the phenomenal woman you are everyday, not just Mother’s Day!




Monica B

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10 Rules of Success for a Healthy, Happy Life


How do you define success?


For me, it is knowing my purpose, loving what I do, and having the courage to follow my destiny path...every day.


It takes a lot of bravery to live your dreams. You will have nay-sayers, harsh critics, and haters on your journey to becoming your best self. But what’s much more significant are the characteristics you’ll develop by pursuing your passion and the lives of people you impact by being true to yourself.


Above are my personal tips to live a successful (healthy and happy) life.




Monica Bencomo





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Fitness Tips for Moms


Hey ladies! This video was highly requested. I get asked all the time on Instagram, “Do you still breastfeed? And if you do, how do you lose weight and maintain your milk supply?” I answered that question and more in today’s video. Enjoy and be sure to share with your fellow fit mamas!




Monica Bencomo

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monica mornig

How to Snatch that Body Back After Baby

Hey ladies!


If you missed my appearance on the Morning Brew, you can check it out above. Make sure you keep your Instagram questions coming, and you might see yours featured on the show! Enjoy and share with other moms who may want some tips on how they can be their healthiest and happiest postbaby!




Monica Bencomo



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Starting Traditions & Instilling the Value of Education




Hey guys!

The kids and I are gearing up for a trip to Chicago later this month–I plan on taking them to all the cool kid-friendly places like the museum, aquarium, and even the old neighborhoods I grew up in. Why? Because I want them to know my history. I want this trip to be just as educational as I want it to be fun.

My mother and father are both teachers. At a very young age, my mom taught me to read and even had me reciting the U.S. Preamble in front of our house guests. Let’s just say that in my family learning is and was incredibly valued.

So when a company called Wee the People told me about their unique mission to instill in children the value of learning America’s history, I was all for it.  Wee the People is dedicated to spreading awareness of U.S. history with cute shirts that offer an invitation to tell a story.




Wee the People sent Eliel and Ariel the 1600 Shirt which inspires kids to learn about one of the world’s most famous buildings–the White House, located on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Eliel was excited to learn about his new shirt!




Cheeese! I started today’s lesson by explaining to Eliel what the picture on the shirt was–the President’s home!


Off to the library!!

I decided to take the kids to the public library for this learning adventure. Growing up, going to the library was my favorite thing to do in the whole world. Not only was it free, but to me, it was a treasure chest of fantasy, imagination, and learning. I honestly had forgotten just how much I loved the library!


But first, toys.




We started off by looking up the books we wanted to find. We wrote down the catalog numbers and got to work searching for titles relevant to America’s history!


Someone is excited to find books!




We started off by reading about former presidents. I explained to the kids what some of the roles of the presidents were. Eliel had fun being the leader and showing Ariel what was in the books.


It’s never too early to instill the value of learning!


Sprawled out at the library–a perfect afternoon!

As parents, I feel it is our jobs to teach our children not only our personal history, but the America’s history as well. If you can’t go off on travel adventures, no worries! There is a fun, educational adventure waiting for you at your public library.

Retrospectively, I now really admire my mom for taking the time in her busy schedule (raising 5 kids alone), to teach me the value of learning via reading and studying. That value of education is now instilled in my own heart and something I want to consciously do with my own kiddos.


We left with a basket full of goodies!

We had a blast on our learning adventure. I am grateful to Wee the People for inspiring the kids and I to learn more about the White House with the 1600 Shirt! To get your own shirt for your little one(s), head to their site. We’d love to see photos with your kids wearing them and know what learning adventure you chose to take them on.

Why is learning our history so important? To borrow words from James Burke, simply because:

“You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.”

Happy learning!

Monica Bencomo


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4 Tips to Have an Amazing Date Night


Hey ladies!

I finally had a much needed date night after over a year of no kid-free dates with my husband (I know, I know, a year is ridiculous!)

Elvis and I both work ridiculously hard on our passions–our restaurant, my fitness coaching, and raising our two kids. We rarely have a lot of time to catch up and just reconnect. So let me say this date was much needed!

Below, I’ve comprised my top four tips to have an unforgettable date night! Enjoy and be sure to share with your fellow moms who wear heels!




Moms Wear Heels Guide to An Amazing Date Night


  1. Plan ahead

Go shopping, pick out your dress, make the dinner reservations–in other words, have a PLAN! Don’t get dolled up and be faced with the dreaded, “What do you want to do tonight, honey? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Save time by planning your date night and make sure both you and your husband are looking forward to whatever you will be doing.




2. Find a babysitter you can trust.

Seriously, this one is priceless. I asked my sister almost 2 weeks in advance if she could watch Eliel and Ariel because I knew I could count on her if she said yes. I left the kids with someone I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about. She’s a fab mom and my kids love her! So while I was out to dinner with Elvis, we were actually present in the moment and NOT worrying about if our kids were being cared for properly.




3. Own Yo’ Sexy!

If the woman feels confident and sexy during date night, trust me, the guy WILL enjoy himself. A woman exuding happiness and comfort in her own skin is magnetic. Own your post baby body! Own your beauty! No one is YOU and that is your power! Beauty is a state of mind first. The heels, makeup and dress is only an added bonus. Love yourself and you will have an amazing date night!




4. Order a delicious, balanced meal

We stared off with crab cakes (protein!) and had steak with asparagus and macaroni for an entree. You want to make sure you’re ordering food that will not give you the itis, i.e. make you feel groggy afterwards. We still had amazing energy after our meal to hang out and enjoy the night!


IMG_2975 IMG_2970


There you have it! My top tips on how to make your date night an amazing one.


Thanks for reading and remember, sharing is caring!


Have a great week,


Monica Bencomo








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